Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Are Aliens from Planet Hollywood Taking over the Health Freedom Movement?

Around the end of 2006 I discovered that many of the health freedom groups I'd been supporting and working with had strong ties to the scientology movement (Tom Cruise, John Travolta etc). Whether through funding from large vitamin companies owned by scientologists or large vitamin companies selling their products to the scientology community in particular or giving public support of scientology, or scientology organisations giving out prizes to health freedom associations, wherever I looked I saw that the movement against medical genocide had been contaminated by this corrupt business masquerading as a religion. As a result I stopped working with all health freedom associations, because whether their connections to the scientology empire were direct or indirect, they were invariably present. It is my firm belief that the scientology movement has derailed and corrupted the true grassroots movement against medical tyranny and will assure the triumph of the genocidal pharmaceutical multinationals they claim to oppose.

A recent example of this development is the nature of the sanctions currently being waged against the scientology industry in France and Germany (see Guardian article 'Church of Scientology faces fraud trial in France' by Angelique Chrisafis). France and Germany are well know for being the pioneers in Europe's draconian attacks against natural health care and their blind promotion of the pharmaceutical industry and toxic medical mandating. Scientology is now being used as a 'justifiable' example and precedent for laws that will stamp out the 'illegal practice of medicine', in other words a campaign to outlaw naturopathy practices that can henceforward be easily condemned as 'dangerous sect activity'. What goes for scientology will ultimately go for any type of natural therapy which has a spiritual aspect to it, as most indeed do, such as yoga, acupuncture, shiatsu massage and so many more. Few people will see the establishment's fight against this 'evil sect' as a bad thing and so they will applaud legislation that will limit its freedoms. By the time they realise that the same measures used against scientology are being used against valid traditional therapies it will be too late.

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