Wednesday, March 7, 2007

What's AIDS?

List of Articles

Art by Emma Holister

AZT: An AIDS Defining Drug by Martin J Walker (Dirty Medicine)

The Myths of Science, Viral Load Scam with Liam Scheff

Virology is Religion 

The AiDS Myth Unravelled - Liam Scheff Interviewed on RT America

Mandating Vaccines is Murder - SB277, the virology ideology and Pasteur's legacy of laboratories Tom and Mae Torlakson's Family of 'innocence':The Visage of Vichy Revisited (this article includes a link to San Francisco artist James Torlakson's artworks on his daughter Elisabeth's anti-depressant-related suicide)

Is Mathematical Modeling for HiV Infection Good for Anything? by Rebecca Culshaw

 trouble wiv numbers? get calculatin wiv football...

art in portraits+sketches as well as the pier

selection of health freedom books, some dealing with this subject 

photos of AZT bottle by Anthony Brink

Anthony Brink's Letter to Greek TV on AID$ topic

(above AZT image  and definition of Re-myth and HiV by Liam Scheff, click to enlarge)

Everyone has AIDS! Team America

related topics


An artist's perspective on how the food and agricultural multinational corporations, that is the supermarket chains, are in bed with the medical industrial complex that in turn is in bed with the education industry

Recent art and frequent updates in

The Pier

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