Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Feeling Alienated? Feeling Stressed? You Need Yoga for Aliens!

As time goes by it is becomming clear that the Health Freedom Movement has taken off on a UFO. Those who wish to inform people about anti-pharma issues and those wanting government disclosure of UFO files share a common cause: that of struggling to overcome suppression of information by governments and mainstream press. So as movements they have always rubbed shoulders and even shared webspace on popular websites.

There are outcries from 'Where's your credibility as a movement?!' to 'The Greys have put a chip in my brain and I'm under mind control!' with the result that the average person is left floundering in information quick sand.

The truth is out there somewhere....but let's face it....with government/industry controlled mainstream media on the one hand and the wild mayhem of conflicting views on the Internet, we may not get to the bottom of this anytime soon.

Meanwhile, the increasing state of confusion and distress caused by such battles to find The Truth, is giving people a bit of a headache. Not to mention the poor Greys who seem to be getting a great deal of unfair bad press these days...

So, time to step back, switch off and relax with some traditional healing and intergalactic luurrrv.

Yoga 4 Aliens 

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