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Articles and art by Emma Holister, creator of Candida International

Health and Education . . . Wot Planet are You On?

please be aware that many of the financers of both natural health and permaculture projects (ie: videos) are the elite univer$itie$, the fraudulent diagno$e$ mongerer$ and toxic drug mandating agencie$ themselves ... they do so in order to regain control of the population that continually strives to disentangle itself from this corruption, attempting repeatedly to step out of  governmental and industrial feudalism/oligarchy...for example RocketStovePatent=$tealing$cheme of ancient, free knowledge (ie tandoor, 'J' oven, or as i call it, twig stove) by the very companies it claims to liberate itself, earth bag building is Good...but many of those financing the projects and films (linked to on the youtube channels) are promoting the propaganda machinery of population control c/o univer$ity elite$, main$tream Pre$$ and the corporation$ that the true grassroots movements are attempting to side step...getting repeatedly trapped in their russian doll style predictive patents is inevitable as they are always the first in there pushing the 'liberation themes'
(read animal farm by george orwell)
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Rocket stove (aka TwigStove): how to build one in an afternoon

for the below terracotta candle heater i suggest putting it in a robust stove frame surround with chimney as if it were a conventional log fire ... the warnings of fire are particularly of importance for All heaters inside our inflamable interiors

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the TwigStove as i prefer to call it is a tin version of traditional stoves used since forever across the globe, see also the many ways one can make a ...

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'Crochet: Reclaim a Traditional Survival Art and Halt the Clothes Industry Slave Trade' by Emma Holister

DiY sanitary towel? cotton tarten is best for hidin stains, gods bless the scotts!

The only path to health is radical change in lifestyle and environmental consciousness

When I created Candida International about ten years ago, little did I know that it would be such a rocky path of self-discovery and revelation about the way our culture perpetuates an ideology of dependance and sickness.

Over the years I have found myself repeating to people that no, there is no miracle cure, no, there is no magic pill or enlightening and exotic diagnosis that will get rid of severe candidiasis with this or that product. And that those companies making such claims are doing so for one simple reason, money.

The only route to recovery with a severely damaged immune system - and the myriad symptoms and diseases that go with that - is to radically change our eating habits and lifestyle routines.

And that is the biggest issue.

Faced with the prospect of giving up booze, giving up industrial dairy and sugary foods, pastries, bread, pizzas and other junk products, people feel utterly powerless. And so the pharmaceutical industry and medical/industrial complex as a whole remain in their self-satisfied positions of power over the average individual who is continually tormented by the labyrinth of health problems that is iatrogenic disease (iatrogenic=caused by medicines/doctors). They are on to a winner with candidiasis because the average person would rather listen to dreamy lies of pharmaceutical 'cures' and 'remedial' surgery than face the demon of their own addictions and unhealthy lifestyles.

What's more, this overwhelming desire to have a quick fix solution is not confined to those who are poorly informed or uneducated. Addictions afflict everyone regardless of education and intellectual development. I have watched, dismayed, as even the most well-informed people within the natural health movement itself have launched themselves desperately into the arms of the medical industry, where they have been funnelled into the market of fraudulent diagnoses, toxic products and lies along with the 'ignorant masses' they formerly sneered at. Such is the power of addiction and self-deception.

Even the most intelligent, discerning people run into the arms of the medical industry. Even the most well-informed cannot give up that life-long conviction that the men in white coats must somehow have the answers, and that we ourselves are ultimately powerless to change our health problems.

Most of the time I have found that people almost inevitably end up choosing to betray their own lives by running to the industrial giants, indeed the perpetrators of genocide, for help - demanding as they do that their family and friends support them in their choices. The entire problem, on a human scale, comes down to addictions and an inability to recognise that most health problems can be eliminated by kicking our worst habits.

What ensues is a soul-destroying process of following the crowd in an insane wild goose chase, clambering after the Holy Grail of simplistic diagnosis and quick-fix solutions. It is no ordinary wild goose chase, the stakes are high in this mad dash for instant gratification. We are herded in our masses into the trucks bound for the slaughterhouse. The abandoning of our autonomy when it comes to iatrogenic disease and immunity deficiency comes at a very high price. We, willingly, blindly, walk into a world of terrifying diagnosis, toxic pharmaceuticals, debilitating surgery and devastating side effects on an ever-escalating scale, till death do us part from our dear, beleaguered, battered and chemical-ridden bodies.

When faced with that choice, to give up their favourite foods and drinks or run into the comforting arms of the medical industry to lap up their lies about magic pills and miracle cures, people sadly choose the latter. It's the easiest choice. But it brings with it the hardest lessons.

I remember for years, in the past, while I was running like a headless chicken to the doctors, getting repeatedly lied to, poisoned and brutalised, that in my head I kept saying to myself, surely this must be candida... I would even ask them if it could be the fact that I consumed bread and alcohol on a daily basis that I had these recurrent intestinal and gynaecological problems - only to be slapped down and treated like a fool.

Of course, the addict in me wanted them to slap me down and tell me there was no connection between my health problems and my consumption of alcohol and bread. That they had the answers, the technology and knowledge to define and cure me of my health problems, and I could continue to indulge my 'little pleasures' for the the rest of my life.

For the rest of my short life.

And so it went on and on and on. Because I couldn't face up to the fact that as long as I was addicted to alcohol and flour products that I would never get better. Giving up alcohol was just an impossible option, so I had to run to the doctors instead.

I have lost many loved ones to the medical industry and their toxic products; they were all of them hopeless addicts to everything that was bad for their health. When telling your loved ones they should stop consuming alcohol and chocolate in order to give their immune system a chance to recover, many people reply 'I'd rather die'. And that is what I have witnessed them doing, slowly, painfully, in prolonged grief and in fear.

Finally, I ask myself, why should I imperatively 'respect' the 'choices' of those who have decided to wilfully destroy themselves, dragging through their hell, as they do, their loved ones, who remain with the memories and scars of the horrors of the modern medical industrial complex?

Are people so incredibly self-righteous about how we should respect a person's choices when it comes to heroin addiction? Do they lecture us about respecting people's choices and accepting, honouring their lives by supporting them in that?

No, they don't, because being a smack addict is 'wrong'. And complying with a murderous medical/industrial regime of lies is 'right'.

So, after years of campaigning in the hope of helping people, years of informing people about the huge benefits of changing one's diet and removing chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, from one's life, and doing so with activism, cartoons, articles and networking, I have reached a point of saturation. The David and Goliath fight will eventually reduce a person to a state of exhaustion and compassion fatigue.

And as I sat in the ruins of a life devoted to helping those who more more often than not do not want to change, but rather want a quick fix, the instant gratification offered by the 'expert's advice, I found myself turning to modes of life that severed all painful reminders of the chemical-pharmaceutical industries and gave me a strange and invigorating sense of freedom and hope.

It happened almost organically, without my really being aware.

Sickened by the pollution of our water systems, our environment and our health by the chemically treated tap water pumped into our homes by, yes, once again, the multinationals, I removed myself from that dependance and changed from flush toilets to compost toilets, began harvesting rain-water and becoming free of that flood of poisonous fluoride, chlorine and goodness knows what other horrors that gush forth from those pipes. Now I no longer urinate and defecate in precious drinking water while millions die of thirst in poverty-sticken countries. I use a toilet that can be used by rich and poor alike and that collects the precious resources from our bodies to produce high-quality soil for growing organic, nutrient-rich food.

Sickened by the dependance on an electrical grid fuelled by nuclear power plants leaking radioactivity into the land, I built a rocket stove and studied alternative methods of cooking with twigs that allowed me to no longer pay extortionate bills for the luxury of destroying the planet.

Sickened by a clothes industry that uses child slavery in third world countries and preys on women with anorexia-inducing fashion advertising, I learnt to crochet and sew simple garments so that I would never again have to walk through the hall of mirrors and harassment that the international clothes industry inflicts upon us.

And finally, sickened by the food and drug industry that damaged my body and shattered so many lives of those whom I have loved, I learnt how to grow sunflowers in my courtyard with my own organic compost. And from the seeds, I produce the most highly nutritious and organically pure micro green salads that, thanks to their chlorophyl and high vitamin content, help keep my body free of disease; a disease that is the inheritance of a life lived in a world ruled by poison.

There is an oriental saying that goes, 'In the West, they believe that right thought creates right action. In the East they believe that right action creates right thought'.

For me, I realised that so many people want to analyse and dissect every thought or piece of information, something they ultimately feel unqualified to do in fact, so that analysis is meekly handed over to the experts in white coats. The result is 'evidence-based medicine' that uses the torture of animals in monstrous laboratories to justify an endless supply of FDA-approved deadly pharmaceuticals on a market gone to hell. Thalidomide, Vioxx, AZT, so many killing and maiming drugs, all met with the stamp of approval of 'evidence-based medicine' and the expert committees.

So we can think and think and think, and before we know it we have 'thunk' ourselves into oblivion.

I wash my hands of that ideology of analysis and 'reason', of 'scientific rationality' and 'objective evidence and proof'.

Now, the only evidence of value for me is the thrilling liberation, of body and mind, with every step I take into the sustainable way of life that is permaculture.

art in 

Far Out


The Pier 

salad bowl eco bathroom, so good u'll have squatters

free floor fluff for woolies...

 above, free nettle fibers ... see 'crochet your way to free food' for more details

Tropics Collaboration and Solo

The series 'Tropics' is part Emma Holister solo (2007 onward) and part collaboration with Puerto Rican artist Jose Luis Vargas oil+collage on canvas - painted in Italy, Switzerland+Brighton UK - 1997

emma with her original light fittings in her dome 2017
approximate welsh llesson ...from the dome...
'this is my lion cub'='dyma fy llew bach'
'where is my comb?'='ble mae fe crib i?'

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Healthpilgrim said...

Spot on Emma. Thank you for condensing so many threats into a clear statement. Your frustration at our collective abdication of responsibility is evident though the problem is certainly not new. The Chinese have known for centuries that 'When the student is ready the teacher will appear'. Take solace in knowing that you are more shepherd than sheople and continue to tell truth to power for no other reason than it's the right thing to do.

Another threat for your radar - pulsed microwave 'Smart-meters'