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Controlled Opposition : Twenty Questions You Never Dared to Ask

By Emma Holister

1) What is a controlled opposition group ?

A controlled opposition group is one that claims to be fighting the multinational drug and chemical cartels but that is in fact controlled by the very industries it alleges to be fighting, usually via funding or shared board members from those same industries.

Although the links can be obvious in many cases, in others they may be more deeply embedded, taking the more subtle form of 'common interests', be they ideological, political or legislative. Grassroots campaigns that could potentially achieve a profound and positive effect against the industrial giants are therefore diverted or derailed into actions that will either fail or be subsumed into the established channels in compliance with industry needs.

In most cases such groups maintain that their actions are not hindered by the funding or compliance with their mortal foes. The relative merits of this line of reasoning can be discussed ad nauseam, usually over cocktails in the executive lounge of some five star hotel during the board of directors annual meeting.

2) Is there such a thing as a controlled opposition individual ?


3) How do I recognise a controlled opposition group ?

Most of the time you can spot them by visiting their website’s partners and funders page. If a group claiming to represent the interests of the natural health movement is sponsored by the pharmaceutical or pesticide industry this may give you a clue as to whether or not you can trust them.

Often doing research on the board members’ CVs can provide useful pointers. If they worked for major pharmaceutical companies or were formerly directors of military intelligence, that is also a strong clue.

Unfortunately not all companies are known to the general public and so it can be a challenge to figure out which are the ones with strong ties to the drug cartels. Becoming familiar with the industry at large is useful, finding out which giant company owns this or that company, asking around, doing research on companies’ histories and campaigns.

4) Are there other names for controlled opposition ?

Sometimes they are called controlled interest groups, Trojan horses, Astroturf, front groups, or simply traitorous scum-bags or scabs.

5) Is denouncing controlled opposition counter-productive and divisive ?

Divisive yes, counter-productive no.

6) If I denounce a controlled opposition group will they retaliate by accusing me of being controlled opposition myself ?

Yes. This usually goes along the lines of ‘You’re a controlled opposition group !’ . . . ‘No I’m not, you are !’ . . . ‘No, you are’, etc.

7) How can I best oppose controlled opposition efforts ?

Denouncing them and warning people about their subversively destructive methods is the only thing to do. Often directing people to internet pages setting a good example of how to denounce fake or corrupt activist groups that are derailing true grassroots activism is a good way to start.

8) Can good, honest activists be working for the cause of controlled opposition without even knowing it ?

Yes, and this is often the case. Therefore, when someone manages to pull off a truly devastating piece of sabotage on an anti-drug-cartel activist movement, more often than not this individual may not be in the pay of the drug industry at all. However, the likelihood that they have been brushing shoulders for many years with individuals whose financial ties are less irreproachable than their own is inevitable in a movement that is saturated with industry concerns, whether directly or indirectly.

The Health Freedom Movement is kept moving as much by doctors, scientists and company directors as it is by ex-patients. To what extent any individual can get through nearly a decade of conventional medical or industrial training and not absorb at least part of the industry’s ethical blindness is always going to be a grey area.

However, the innocent, well-meaning individuals are not necessarily the most common or useful instruments of controlled opposition. It is usually those individuals with egos on the rather large side, eager for finding ways to get a little more glory (or money), who are the most likely candidates to be gently guided into doing the dirty work of industry concerns. Even if it is simply a case of those individuals wishing to gain more public acceptance by espousing views that are more palatable to the establishment at large.

From this we can therefore conclude that controlled opposition is not only a form of industrial sabotage of a grassroots movement, but literally a force of nature.

9) Can I have a controlled opposition thought ?

Yes. These are quite common and most frequently take the form of thoughts such as ‘Fighting amongst ourselves is exactly what They want, we all have to get along, work together and be friends if we’re going to beat the enemy’. This type of woolly thinking can be remedied by reading the history of the Nazis and their symbiotic relationship with the French Vichy government, as well as taking a shower and scrubbing vigorously all over with 100% organic soap.

10) What can I do if my friends support a controlled opposition group ?

Educate them by showing them the work of activists denouncing controlled opposition groups and general saboteurs. If that doesn’t work just call them a traitorous scumbag, that usually sorts most issues out quite effectively.

11) Do controlled opposition groups always appear to fight the enemy ?

No. In fact the most accomplished controlled opposition efforts result in brandishing brazen support of the enemy's views and labelling it alternative.

This can best be illustrated by the Complementary Alternative Medicine Industry : CAM (not to be confused with the original Alternative Medicine movement). CAM is the establishment’s answer to dealing with grassroots activism. Whilst appearing on the surface to be representing Alternative Medicine, they are a watered-down version preaching subservience to conventional allopathic practices first and foremost, and only using natural therapies as a nice way to make you feel good while you're doing your chemo or taking antiretrovirals. In fact, most of the time prominent members of the CAM industry like to put the public straight on Alternative Medicine and make it perfectly clear that it probably has no therapeutic benefits whatsoever.

12) How common is it to fall into a controlled opposition trap ?

Falling into a controlled opposition trap is as easy as walking into doggy-doo. Don’t despair, no activist can say with any degree of honesty that they have never crossed the path of controlled opposition or supported one of their campaigns. The advice in number 9 is equally applicable to this situation. Basically, they are everywhere and we are all contaminated . . .

13) If I want to denounce a controlled opposition effort but don’t want to use the words controlled opposition, is that OK ?

Yes, this is fine, and is generally the preferred method of grown-ups.

14) Will fighting controlled opposition cause conflict and confusion amongst my friends and family ?


15) If I denounce a group for being controlled opposition, will they threaten me with a lawsuit ?

Quite likely. That and calling you the spawn of the devil. However, rather than being downcast, you should take it as a compliment.

16) I have been told that fighting controlled opposition is giving them what they want because they wish to divide and conquer. Is this true ?

‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is a controlled opposition slogan. Simply replace it with ‘Divided we stand, united we fall’ and you’ll have gone a long way to resolving the problem.

17) If I wear a deodorant that says ‘100 percent natural’, but on reading the ingredients I discover this to be a total lie, does this make it a controlled opposition deodorant ?

Yes. Fortunately however, ceasing to use it and denouncing the company that manufactures it is the type of daily civil disobedience that can be practised freely without fear of losing one’s friends.

18) Are controlled opposition individuals under electronic mind control ?

Not necessarily, although there is always a chance. One way of jamming mind control chips is to apply a magnet to the forehead of the person you suspect. This will block the electronic signal of the microchip implanted in their brain. If you cannot find a magnet in your local hardware store, children’s magnetised plastic alphabet letters for sticking on fridges are quite as effective.

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