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Money or Currency? Wot Are You on About? Poverty or Wealth?

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Money or Currency? Wot Are You on About? Poverty or Wealth?

bee in her bonnet  . . .

having problems with states of consciousness.

specially the state of consciousness pertaining to money and poverty.

now, REAL, politically-engineered and nurtured poverty of the masses aside (the type where people are dying of hunger, thirst and cold in the streets type of poverty) . . .

ponder upon the use of the words poverty, money, shopping, financial dire straits ... in the more Western lifestyle type of context.

those who say they are in a financially desperate situation ... asking three questions (for starters) . . .

1) Are you paying extortionate water bills?

2) Are you paying extortionate electricity and heating bills?

3) Are you a regular practitioner of any of the high-cost Booze-Ciggies-Junkfood 'therapies' to relieve your woes?

they roll their eyes in agony ..  groan 'Yeeeess . . . can't afooorrd it'

but why are you paying for it all

why pay hundreds of euros, pounds, dollars each year to do number ones (and number twos) in gallons of rare, expensive water ... when you could do them in a salad bowl urinal ... with matching sawdust toilet ... and for FREE ...

straight rather than flexi is better in the long term than this type requiring more maintenance ... but the principle is the same

toilets and washstand made from recycled curtain rails

matching set and portable washbasin/kitchen sink

why pay through the nose to make the nuclear industry stinking rich with juice-guzzling heating contraptions  ... when you could build a cheap and easy super insulated dome ... or heat pod ... and heat with just four 40w light bulbs instead? 

just one example of a structure that can be heated with four 40w light bulbs . . . here it is still unfinished, not yet insulated . . . 

The dome on this occasion was insulated with nothing more than blankets bought for 2 euros each from a charity shop.

I had no cash for fancy pvc windows so I made do one year with bubble wrap and a cut up transparent table cloth . . . not exactly the ritz, but I was warm all winter for nearly free

more pictures of the interior in varying states of . . . dome consciousness . . .

improvised bubble wrap cat flap . . .

what if my electricity gets cut off altogether ...

simple candle lantern with flexy chimney below will bring temperatures up ...careful to add metallic surround for the chimney . . . the bigger the lantern the better ... that way more candles . . .

NEVER use an open flame candle in your dome!

Unless you particularly like BONFIRES . . . special bonfires IN your house . . .

The same goes for electric lamps that should preferably be stuck down to whatever surface they are sitting on ... i put blue tack on their base so they don't fall over ... electric lamps are also a fire hazard if not placed carefully where they will not over heat near inflammable surfaces such as fabrics and wood, of which there are plenty in a dome ...

A shielded heater can be created putting metal shields around a shelf of lamps ...  i use recycled oven shelves and panelling found thrown out in the street .. . and rarely use lamps more than 40 watts

So basically be VERY careful to avoid putting too hot a lightbulb too close to wood or fabrics, or anywhere where something inflamable can over heat and catch fires.

If one goes for the candle lantern option, then in a super insulated small space you need to evacuate the candle vapour with a chimney.

If worried about not enough air in your small space ... add air chimney at top of dome and an air vent in lower wall.

I didn't need it as this structure is not air tight and just opening the door during the day as you go in and out gives the air circulation you need.

nice and cosy in the dome and other heat pods around the house, but what about the chilly in between times, when wandering around the Siberian tundra the rest of the house turns into during the cold months?  ... get your needle out !

I cut up a blanket like ... turned it into an astonishing super insulated pair of trousers

got so excited by the warmth I fell over

was griping about the fact that my other trousers (the ones made out of sheets) were hanging off me ... most unsightly ... all the rollerskating, yoga .. .much as I love crochet ... hate sewing.

very folorn ...but wot is my problem.... get your neighbor to run them through the sewing machine ... give her the knobbly flowery lace she wanted for her armchair. . . you owe her a favor ... for the duvet covers insulation of the dome she did for you ... free heating... free currency .. free favours

CURRENCY for nearly free heating: knobbly lace for neighbor's  armchair . . .

SHOPPING THERAPY WITHOUT SHOPPING: trousers made out of sheets that fit nicely now ...  see also interdimensional crochet halterneck ... got bamboo yarn for a song ... the spirals handy for navigating time-space continuum . . . whole different story . . .

when I tell people about how I live ...the hundreds of euros I save each year (making me possibly the richest poor person I know) I notice their consternation ... they gasp 'I can't live like that! I have standards!'

Hmmm . . .

finally ... the junk food, cigarettes and booze budget . . . this type of crisis relief is what lands many sad shoppers with extortionate medical bills. . .  to gripe about ... ad nauseum . . .consider first ones budget's going into ones fat layers

Crisis relief therapy care of Dipsomaniac and Chocoholics Incorporated

BELOW fotos of interior of dome, thru the various eras and miscellaneous configurations , including creations of all sorts, the future of exchanges . . . DiY jewels here done with recycled electric copper wire and semi precious stones costing next to nothing


Emma in her dome with Piu Piu ('chirrup' in french) her rescued coal tit, raised since it was a miniscule, bald and blind chickadee . . . now dome dictator . . .

to the left of Piu Piu, note cardboard filling of triangle (free insulation!) this will eventually be re-covered with wood panels

cats learning the art of interspecies tolerance

note: end summer '17...my little piu piu spread his wings and took off into the skies shortly after learning to fly...

Crochet Your Way to Free Food!

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