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Outside Left Right Healthcare?

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We do not need 11 years brain washing c/o costly (deadly) medical industrial complex in order to know the basics in self healing, prevention through healthy wholefoods diet, exercise/yoga, the basics of emergency medicine too, bone mending, treating gaping wounds, CPR, midwifery and dentistry.  

These ancient arts must be brought out of the authoritarian grip of industrial fascism: medical universities, away into the villages, through grassroots widespread education in the basics of emergency medicine ... to complement our growing autonomy in healthy lifestyle . . . free of Doctored Industrial sector

Since writing the below blog post in 2009 I see a clearer path forward, out of this oppressive political superstructure of conventional left-right politics of the modern era.

Top of the Budget Agenda of all corrupt political systems now laying waste to our civil and human rights across the globe, are the two main items of extremely costly expenditure of the tax payer's money . . . the education and health sectors.

Solutions: join the homeschooling revolution . . . if you can home school, DO it . . . the more people home schooling the more this revolution of Deschooling Society will take root, making the governments' theft of people's hard earned money for the 'education' (aka state controlled brain washing and traumatising) of their children unjustifiable.

Included in this Do it Yourself education revolution is the need to Dehospitalise society.  

(may the spirit of ivan be wiv u . . . amen)

translation below: gift in german = poison, giftig = poisonous

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here back to the old blog post 2009 . . .

Questions about the NHS, the alternatives, the lack of alternatives, and other burning questions...that may remain unanswered...

I can't be the only person in the world who is horrified by what both left-wing and right-wing political parties have lumped us with in terms of healthcare, surely?

On the right is the chaotic plethora of private insurance companies - that cover mainly alopathic treatments, that generally ignore natural health methods and that people often opt out of because they don't want to (or can't) pay for it - along with various government-run (or non-government-run) spill-over schemes for the poor that nevertheless leave huge amounts of people with terrifying medical bills if they get 'unlucky'.

On the left you've got 'universal healthcare' which has produced staggeringly high government spending on, again, allopathic treatments care of the Medical Industrial Complex. 

A mandatory no-opt-out scheme that extorts vast sums of money from people's taxes for the honour of being handed over to, amongst other undesirables, the pharmaceutical industry. Who in turn, delighted with this business deal of the century, makes billions with the 'industry of disease', using the tax payer as fodder.

 This type of government-controlled healthcare system, such as the NHS in the UK or the French 'carte vitale' social security system, is the more frightening, because the deal is this: if you have an accident and need your arm fixed, we'll do it for 'free' (or at least take it from everyone's taxes and generally not bill you for it at the hospital) and with that reassuring promise, we insist that you comply with all other aspects of government-ordained healthcare, including toxic chemo, vaccines, AZT, statins, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-retrovirals, radioactive x-rays and russian-roulette unreliable tests galore.

All the usual poisons and lies that produce the type of mass misdiagnoses and side-effect-induced chronic diseases that will ensure ill-health and doctor-dependance for a lifetime. Looming ever nearer, with France leading the way as example, this type of government-mandated healthcare comes with other government-mandated 'treats' such as vaccine mandates, not to mention endless talk of a dreamy future of HIV-testing mandates, anti-retroviral mandates, chemo mandates, mammogram mandates; basically anything they can get away with mandating, they must mandate you upto the eyeballs. And the more toxic and ineffective the mandated treatment the better.

People say that the NHS used to be good 'before it was taken over by big business', but that doesn't make sense. The NHS has been pumping billions into the allopathic petro-chemical-pharma ideological regime of the Medical Industrial Complex from the start. It was never 'free', it was certainly never free from giant corporations. The carrot dangled under the nose of the 'people' was: all people, regardless of income, will receive treatment if injured or sick. As it has turned out, not everyone is in fact 'treated', and most of those who are 'treated' spend the rest of their lives regretting it.

I can understand how people, faced with two choices, one monstrous system or another, will inevitably opt for one monstrous system or another. What I don't understand is why there don't seem to be more people creating think-tanks and groups to come up with alternatives to these hideous social calamities, both left and right.

How on earth can we create a diversity of systems, grassroots groups, networks, companies, associations, charities - whatever - that will ensure that, on the one hand, if the arm needs fixing, it will get fixed, without financially ruining a person for the rest of their life? And on the other hand, will protect people from politicians and corporations, hungry to gain power over the masses in order to - preferably - monitor, over-medicate, submit to unnecessary, snowballing surgical interventions, with devastating, often deadly results, whilst making them pay for it all through the nose?

How can we find a way to protect all people, regardless of income and nationality, from these threats to our lives, without selling ourselves to the devil, as we have always done, and seem destined to do forever? How can the individual, groups of individuals, reorganise a whole society's, a whole civilisation's perception of social structure in healthcare?

It is not just a question of a change of consciousness, one involving becoming responsible for one's own health, being one's own doctor when dealing with the issue of health and disease, but also of social organisation and economics on a simple, understandable, grassroots level. The moment that financing the fixing-of-the-arm (etc) becomes an intellectually incomprehensible issue only understandable by medics, lawyers and politicians, then the person whose arm gets fixed (or not) loses control not only of their body and life, but also (and for some more importantly) their bank account.

 They also lose control of their minds. Because how many people feel qualified to decide where their taxes should be spent when it comes to medical issues? How many people understand virology, open-heart surgery, oncology, gynecology and the rest of it? How many people understand the financing of all those 'ologies' or, rather, medical ideologies?

I haven't met many people at all, no matter how intelligent, educated and wise, who have really considered these issues in depth and who have themselves, personally, become liberated from the coercion and brain-washing of the Medical Industrial Complex.

Artwork by Emma Holister Doctored Accounts and Far Out

Recent email to a friend on socialised medicine, the one payer system :

(i do not use punctuation or proof reading in my correspondence)

i understand the arguments you have in favor of socialised medicine as they were the ones i was brought up with in my family of left wing academics . . . who encouraged me to go to the doctor whenever i felt like it . . . which i did, there not being the pay at the door (as opposed to be ripped off in ur taxes) barrier to unbridled doctor addiction, a very real problem in countries with socialised medicine

if i became a health freedom activist it was because of having experienced first hand the horror of socialised medicine in Europe, having lived (and been 'treated') in the UK, France and Spain . . . as well as the horrors of the american system that nearly killed me

bit by bit, being a traveler and determined to get to the bottom of the true causes of this nightmare, i sought out those who could better inform me as to what this mega corporate complex imposed upon people by force thru taxes and governments is, how it works, why it will always be a monster

the ultimate read for understanding why the one payer system has never worked and will only ever be a monstrous calamity is ivan illich . . . i recommend both 'deschooling society' and 'medical nemesis', they are classics, my two ivan illich posts have relevant pages from his books that give good explanations as to why the one payer system is inevitably a mafia set up

i recently asked a friend who is a staunch opponent of the one payer system, what to do about the person who breaks an arm and ends up with a hospital bill to be paid for the rest of his life?

his answer was most enlightening . . . in the 70s mending a broken arm was not much more than around 100 dollars or so . . . today a person who goes to hospital for a broken limb can be saddled with a bill more like in the tens of thousands of dollars . . . what exactly is being paid for?? 

it is the infrastructure of the hospitals themselves . . . the salaries of for the most part unnecessary workers in the huge corporate conglomerate that the medical industrial complex is . . . and their insidious relationship with politicians . . .

people, not understanding what exactly is being paid for . . . heating these hospitals, paying for hugely expensive machinery that props up fraudulent diagnoses and treatments such as, for just one example of so many, mammogram machines and the ensuing poison for fraudulent diagnoses . . .

this is why i am now convinced that the solution is to dehospitalise society . . . not get rid of centers of healing completely, and sophisticated methods of surgery when truly necessary, but decentralising the medical complex and removing the medical universities hold upon medicine, healing, bone mending, midwifery, the treatment of wounds etc etc . . .

as with home schooling people now need to become familiar with what most frightens them into relinquishing the control of their bodies into the hands of, basically a genocidal fascist establishment

if i have been focusing on permaculture as opposed to state controlled social security as a means to deal with poverty, it is because the latter has led to a nanny state where the masses are forced onto the dole and unable to fend for themselves . . . 

and those who pay the taxes for those who do not fit into the workforce are increasingly resentful towards those who understandably prefer to have state hand outs rather than accept a menial job that is even less money

if permaculture is banned by most countries (self build earth domes are forbidden, much legislation mandates integration into the electricity and water board mafias) it is because it teaches that we can be autonomous from state hand outs . . .

but the state does not want this . . . why? 

 because once you are sucking on the teat of social welfare, the state can literally do whatever it likes to you . . . being on the dole is like having the state living in your bedroom . . . at one point in the UK they would send round inspectors to go through draws to see if your underwear was mixed with the underwear of a member of the opposite sex, in order to figure out if you were fiddling the system . . . 

... which many people are forced to do if they want to get more money

it is terrifying the situation we have here, and has led the country to financial ruin, the population dependent, impoverished, ignorant, furious, and sick

all it has produced is a population of mass psychosis, hatred and a ruling elite of doctors and lawyers . . . the wealthy . . .

george orwell was wrong in one way, he should have made it clearer that the strata of state maintenance workers above the plebs is not just the Winstons, the media controllers . . .

. . . but moreover the doctors . . . the british NHS is pretty much the biggest employer in the country . . . a country of sick, dependent drug addicts . . .
and all for the argument of who will mend my broken arm

i say we must understand the basics of emergency medicine in order to better understand what the job is and what it requires and costs, realistically . . . 

because currently only expert doctors and expert lawyers and politicians are able to tell us, the people, what that cost should be . . . and what that procedure should be . . .

they are a business trained to maintain their clients in ever escalating dependence and expenditure . . . for the most part therefore they are liars, killers, psychopaths, at best the well-intentioned deluded . . . and together have rendered this society utterly mad

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