Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CANDIDA_you can call it "AIDS"_you can die of it_or not_up to you

By Emma Holister
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Below is an email I wrote to a friend in which I express my personal views on Candida and modern degenerative diseases.

As for candida . . . candidiasis is generally the underlying cause of most modern chronic and degenerative diseases, and it is only medical industrial propaganda that has trivialised it as a superficial 'infection' and which has prevented most people from looking at it as a root-cause disease rather than as a minor symptom of some other condition, if any at all.

The reason is quite clear; candidiasis is a chronic iatrogenic disease caused by industrial (pharmaceutical and environmental) poisoning, where all of the organs have been knocked out of kilter and the only way to remedy it is via life long, on going work to re-establish some type of balance.

The drug industry are therefore liable and open to lawsuits if ever the alternative and dissident view were to take precedence over the mainstream medical definition of this disease as a (minor) condition of 'something else'.

So, basically, the search for another underlying cause of one's continuing symptoms may be quixotic . . . although, with each individual the candidiasis itself may possibly be relieved by removing some 'underlying cause' of the candida's virulence; for example, many say vitamin B deficiency is one cause of its chronic and continuing spread, others say it's an enzyme problem . . . As for me, I don't know, I'm still searching.

Anyway, as a root-cause disease it can give rise to diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, 'AIDS', Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia. . . you name it, candidiasis can cause it.

The symptoms are massively diverse but usually have an underlying connection to endocrine (hormonal) and blood-sugar imbalance which, in turn, if allowed to continue without remedy, produce by-product toxins in the body that create disease but also addictions and difficult to break habits/vicious circles. In my opinion, this is owing to the ethanol and opiate effect. ("Acetaldehyde - A Common and Potent Neurotoxin" John Cleary)

As you know, so far, the only really helpful remedies I have found are the abstention from blood-sugar and yeast-load aggravators (sugar, alcohol, yeast, dairy, starch, etc.) and to focus on green, chlorophyll-rich foods.

I'm totally convinced that our spiritual practice has a HUGE effect on our immune system but also on our ability to discern what may be causing our particular weaknesses to take hold, whether physical or emotional.

What I and so many people in the natural health and health freedom movement are struggling with is the way in which modern medical science has hobbled people's consciousness when it comes to the perception of disease.

It takes a long time to overcome brainwashing and I'm no exception, having cured myself of a hideous skin disease that was eating away my flesh for the last seventeen years, simply because I realised that despite all my years of fighting that same brainwashing, I had still swallowed hook, line and sinker fundamentally distorted theories on disease. It was within two weeks of rejecting that last vestige of deadly-infectious-disease germ-theory that my skin disease disappeared.

So much of our illness is our body's response to our mind's fundamental belief in the dogma of modern medical science, which is nothing more than witchcraft. If you tell a person they are going to die within the next year, backing that death sentence up with the entire scientific medical elite's immense authority, then that person, in many cases, terrified, convinced, will shrivel away and die in a state of emotional and physical helplessness.

The stress of the deadly-disease diagnosis (and fear of that diagnosis) - the 'you are going to die because of this incurable disease' stigma - is such a deeply traumatising experience that the body literally oozes with adrenalin, cortisone; the worst types of stress-related substances are secreted from the glands as a result of living in mortal fear and submission to an inescapable death sentence.

So fear, powerlessness and ignorance themselves become the cause and propagation of the disease. A person simply cannot be healthy if they believe they are dying of a deadly disease.

Basically, in believing in the deadly virus, the deadly cancer, the deadly 'whatever' in whose grip we are helpless victims, the medical industry not only deals us the first fatal blow to our immune systems but then delivers the final deadly blow with its poisonous and mutilating treatments.

I try to explain to people who see candidiasis as a non-fatal disease that they've got it all wrong.

By trying to get people to see that candida is the cause of most modern degenerative diseases, I am trying to make them realise that there is no 'other more serious cause' behind their symptoms.

They needn't worry about their symptoms being caused by the 'more serious' AIDS because they already have AIDS.

They needn't worry about their illness being caused by the 'more serious' cancer, because they already have cancer.

They already have diabetes, they already have Alzheimer's.

The worst has already happened, the cataclysm and deadly chronic disease is already well installed in their damaged body - the deadly disease is already under way.

But yet they are still alive, their immune system still hanging in there. And what is more surprising is that even with this deadly disease that is crippling them bit by bit, they can, and do, turn in the opposite direction and take a path to health that can literally abolish all symptoms and signs of disease. So finally, the deadly disease is not deadly at all, it never was.

The person who laid the foundation for this incredibly important scientific theory on disease was Bechamp, the man who Pasteur usurped, plagiarised, and whose work he destroyed.

It was a religious issue, not medical. It was all about politics and industrial power over the people, not science.

And we are still dying in droves, ever since history took that fatal turn.

I really do believe that the only way to liberate our bodies from illness is to first liberate our minds from the shackles and lies of the last several hundred years of medical supremacy over the masses. This history goes back to the Middle Ages.

Informative books on the historical and social construction of the medical myth in our psyches are: Ivan Illich's 'Limits to Medicine: Medical Nemesis'
and 'Confessions of a Medical Heretic' by Robert Mendelsohn

OK, Ivan Illich died of a horrid tumour but then again, he was a very amiable, sociable man who loved to drink wine and eat biscuits with his visitors on a regular basis . . . Modern degenerative diseases increase in proportion to an increase of bodily pollution. It's nothing to do with the germ or genetics or anything mysterious or foreign at all. It's all to do with the terrain.