Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Plumbing for Girls: Make an Ecological Urinal-Bidet out of a Salad Bowl - Say Goodbye to Plumbers!

Don't let greedy plumbers make your life a misery: put a stainless steel salad bowl in a tiled plank and make an easy plug-in urinal-bidet for free.  When you get kicked out of your house, don't be glum, now you can take your luxury bathroom with you!

This simple separation technique is a handy addage to any modern compost toilet system, reducing bucket emptying duty by at least 80%, a precious time and work-saver if you're a busy mum, a tired old fogey, feeling under the weather or just plain lazy.

Simply add the washbasin/bidet evacuation and you're away.  If you live upstairs this one can feed directly into the compost bin outside below, or if you're in town you can easily plug it into your mains evacuation pipe. These flexi tubes are alright, but the straight ones are far better if possible . . . the flexi ones needing maintenance more frequently.

Either 'flush' with a squirt of water from a recycled washing up liquid squeegy bottle filled with rain water from your butt, or go high tech and add mains plumbing with a tap and economy shower attachment.  Toilet paper can be chucked idly into a small washable bin, then emptied into the compost outside or added to your household refuse.

Incidentally, here you have a fine view of my tiered raised gardens composting toilet system for the cats (this back and front trench caters for four frisky felines), all that needs to be done here is to take your fish slices and scoop out the doo daas, putting them into a covered bucket, awaiting bucket emptying day (into compost bin right).  

All of these systems can be constructed indoors, as you can see, the compost bin is on stilts with a drain feed-off round the back, that either goes into an aquatic composting system or the drains.

 Here's another view of the unisex urinal . . . splendid isn't it.

Recycle your washing up liquid squeezy bottles, by filling them with half vinager half water for giving the urinal a daily wipe over.  It is all you need to keep this toilet completely hygenic and odour-free.

Definitely best if boys sit to wee, as their smelly splatter is not welcome in this super clean zone, thankyou very much . . .

We decided on the hexagonal shape, with columns made from cut up curtain rails, so it would go with our latest gorgeous compost toilet (for number twos)

Here is the old style bidet we had before, it was ok, but it had a serious drawback . . .

And on that fluffy note I shall leave you for today, with just a picture or two to remind us of the joys of buckets and bidets . . .

art in far out and the pier

Here's the recent addition of a matching washbasin/sink and simple tap

salad bowl eco bathroom, so good u'll have squatters

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